Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Ma. Elenita Cruz Dumlao - Biography



     I am a home grown artist. My parents where both professors of Art and they saw to it that I had a daily dose of artistic activity. I started creating at a very young age, and showed interests in visual, literature, music, and performing arts.    I grew up to be a very creative person with a style of my own .

     But I was also interested with peoples’ behavior and pursued a degree on Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I taught in college for fourteen years,   teaching Applied Aesthetics and Art Appreciation, and Psychology. On the sidelines, I continued to paint, create music and theatre productions.

     I fell in love with the indigenous culture of Davao and this led me to give focus and priority to cultural expressions through theatre productions. This shift brought me to a  higher height of recognition because of the environmental themes and issues my theatre works  relayed.  All of these works were “visual arts cum theatre productions” and exhibited my own unique visual representations through the Production Design.

     Presently, I am a freelance visual artist and stage Designer and the Artistic Director of a theatre and dance company in Davao City. I find digital art very exciting. I have found a very unique style of my own in using it to express myself.     

     Each of my work is an expression of how I feel about the real world, and what I think about it. Each contains my mind, heart and soul.