Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Elisabeth van Uden - Biography

My name is, Elisabeth van Uden. I was born on the 14 of December 1938 in Eindhoven.Nl.

 My development for sculpture is mostly autodidactic, although I follow some workshops.

In 2005 I follow my first workshop and I was very pleased about and became a feeling of; yes, this is what I amiss! Working in stone fills up emptiness in my soul and artistic path.

My first sculptures were the “Buddha”.     

Although on the first place I am a painter, but to make sculptures became my second passion.

In view of my age I wouldn’t say; not to old to learn new things!  

On the painter site under Encaustic, you can read more about my.  

Ars longa, vita brevis, carpe diem.

( Art be long, ,live be short , Seize the day ).