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Zita Vilutyte - Biography

Review on Zita Vilutyte´s Art


Life, love, peace, nature, unit, integration, among others, are all deep concepts involved in each work developed by Zita Vilutyte. The artist has strongly worked to reach the point where all the things may become one, it means: the fundamental Unit. For that, Zita has not doubted to use different tools which represent and are part of her-self, such as: Painting, Graphic, Music, and Dance-Theatre. Through out that, Zita Vilutyte has discovered the actual unit of her art as the total integration with the Universe.


Who is the artist?


Zita Vilutyte is a Lithuanian artist who was born in Siauliai, a town in the north part of Lithuania. The artist received her diploma in Art from Siauliai´s University. Immediately, she started different activities relative to Art and Pedagogy, which allowed her to accumulate an important experience that has become part of her own sense of art. There, we can find her profound interest in folk-art, mythology, psychology, ethnology, religions, poetry and the different civilizations with its particular symbols and philosophies.  


The search of the Unit and the Multiplicity


During the different Art Periods the search for the unit and the multiplicity have been a constant sometimes expressed direct or indirectly through out the different schools or styles developed by the artists. But this search has not been followed just by the artists, but also by many disciplines along the ages, such as: literature, sciences and so forth. In spite of that, if we take a general vision of develop in human history easily we discover that it has followed a tendency to the fragmentation. But what should we understand for that?

It means that we have lost the bind of the different parts which compound the unit of the true-self. Therefore our reality has come to be a large amount of things, concepts, ideas, facts, and so on, without any connection among them. According to that, we have lost intuition but gained rationality. But this rationality, is not that from Descartes, instead of that our rationality has come to be a mix of indetermination, chaos, false icons and so on what makes us to hold a weak rationality (without intuition) in a reality completely distorted and undetermined. So that, what do we have then? We have many things to achieve, to improve and upon all to rescue.


A brief view on Zita Vilutyte´s creation


In a World that seems sometimes to be broken, where economy, society, culture and so on, have been struck very hard, the Zita Vilutyte´s works bring us the hope that other World is possible. A World of peace, love, feelings, sensations, harmony and so forth. The Zita´s works breaks with the Kantian concept of the subject-object because in her works Art and Zita´s self is just one thing. Categorical One can claim that in her works there is not possibility to separate the creator and the created, because both have reached the unit. It is the true bind between intuition and reason.

Zita Vilutyte may be described as an integral artist driven by a holistic way of living. Her art pieces such as music, painting, theatre, and so on, follow the same path of harmony, taking, bringing, surrounding, pushing and pulling a complex plot that only can be understood by feelings. We may described it by a continuum, where the finite comes infinite, where the two or three dimensions are broken allowing ourselves to get in without borders appreciating the whole of her art. Zita breaks the Cartesian method and enter directly to the Gaussian or Riemmanist concept of space where the surface is a space in itself, and where is possible to feel and to lead yourself in more than three dimensions.  

The artist has found the way to describe and to penetrate in a transcendental state of consciousness. The same vibration, stimulus and sensation are found in her whole work. Remembering the Lyotard´s words: “L’art suppose toujours une sorte d’incarnation, une pensée dans le corps, un corps qui soit immédiatement une pensée affectée”, - Art is always supposes a way of incarnation, a thought in the body, a body either that is immediately an affected thought -.


To Listen Zita´s music is to find movement in a way that is complex to describe because it has a tendency to the unlimited, where the subtle and the intuitive play the main role. The artist gets to break the academic rules and orders pre-establish by liberating and becoming one at the moment of the creation. There is when the artist is capable to introduce the improvisation working with not a standard chord´s progression but instead allowing her inner self to use the whole elements needed for the creation. It means that when she create music she is a painter or dance-theatre or vice versa. All these possibilities allow her-self to break all the time the rules and to go on the different challenges which appear when we are able to go further in the process of creation. One may say, that  Zita Vilutyte´s creation is the search indefatigable of new hopes, new feelings, new possibilities where soul, mind, body and the whole Cosmos are bound by the same concept of freedom. So that, keyboards, harps, brushes, colors, drums and so on, represent just elements which serve to her as a transition to reach the ultimate truth that is: Life, love and hope.  


Claudio Gustavo Capaccioni