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Pál Tóth - Biography


My name is Pál Tóth.
I was born in the south-lowland of Hungary in 1957. I studied graphic art.
After school I worked at museums, later I was an illustrator. The Cultural Goverment gave me the prize of Nice Hungarian Book in 1986.
After 1986 I painted oil paintings and I made etchings.
I have been a member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists since 1981. My enamellist life started also in this year. I studied independently.
In the beginning I made cloisonne and champleve enamel-works, later I painted enamel miniatures. I think, this is my way, because I'm a graphic artist and illustrator; and in the methodes of enamel miniature the drawing, painting and the metal and enamel techniques are together. I exhibited my works several times in Hungary and on abroad.
My self contained exhibition was held in Monaco in 1995. In this year I made a post stamp for Monaco State /St.Hubertus/. Since 1995, I'm working with enamel painting methodes.
I was an artist instructor at the International Enamelart Workshop from 2006 at Kecskemét /Hungary/, and I also taught the enamel methodes in Slovakie, in an art secondary school. I finished this job in 2012 - by my own choice, because at the Workshop there weren't conceptions and money.
Now, I'm again an independent enameller.
My prizes:
2010 - International Enamelart Symposium - Kecskemét - Grand Prize of the Assotiation of Hungarian Creative Artists
2012.Dec. - II.Dutch Enamelart Biennale  -  II. Prize, - Valkanswaard
Pál Tóth enameller