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pugliese jean christophe - Biography

Nemours born January 21, 1963 I get the last of a family of four children not having a taste for study, I am what is called a dunce but still the first in lab.

At 14 my parents have no choice but to send me to boarding school in the depths of the DIG.

To learn the size of stone craft which at the time seemed completely out of time. Instead, I wanted to work with wood but it was no more room ny.

Despite a discipline of another age, I discovered a passion for this work combines the physical exertion and dexterity.

After a few months I realized my first sculpture limestone big damn my teacher who swore by the architectural size.

He was a monk in prayer probably the first sign completely unconscious at the time of an interest in spirituality that will manifest until many years later, is in following a career as a stonemason with meetings at the discretion of the restoration projects of historic buildings, they make me realize that my true passion is actually sculpture.

The classical works of renaissance fill me with admiration and seem so inaccessible that I convince myself that it would be impossible for me to express myself in this way.

So I give up until the day with nothing to do I decided to shape the land purchased in Vallauris, I was so fascinated by the hands of as it was agreed by the experts that this was the right thing the most difficult to achieve, and I was surprised by the result and the ease with which I modelais these hands, I would quickly recover a Carrara marble blocks left lying there and I began to carve my first EN1990 marbles, a hand and foot.

It will take 19 years and a personal development work so that it is binding on me again and finally make it to what you it seems I'm done.

Today I explore unconstrained individual style expression of my curiosity. This one is available for the senses.

My sculptures are made direct size without studies or drawings.

It starts with an idea to start changing indefinite then says to suit the size, material and guide me when the subject looks set I take over to complete the union between mind and matter.

I also discovered other materials like bronze it can give a second life to my work and continue the process of creativity through the polychrome.