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   My name is Edith Geduldig.

I live in Germany in a very beautiful city in the administrative district of Ludwigsburg and belong to the older but quite active generation.

I have miscellaneous interests, a good general knowledge and I am very much involved in the social sector.

Among others, my greatest hobby is the encaustic painting which plays an important part in my life.

Ich have never thought that after my retirement such a quite unknown painting technique will be so important for me.

Giving my presentation, I will provide an insight in a kind of painting that is widespread and full of ideas. I acquired the basic knowledge at an academy for encaustic painting. Further education was acquired privately.

My paintings are very charactaristic due to the dainty kind of painting which is especially difficult using hot wax.

My homepage provides an interesting insight in the artistic but also social workspace.

I have been involved in working with children for many years and I like to bring them closer to reading and painting.