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Zita Vilutyte - Exhibitions



Artist –painter, musician, composer, founder and artistic director of Holistic Theatre of Movement “S”, Head of International Art Festival ANIMA MUNDI (Lithuania)


Creation – arts synthesis – painting, performing art, music, poetry.

From 1992 organize personal exhibitions and take part in joint creative projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, India, Holland, Germany ,Russia, Denmark.

Till 2011 –exhibitions of paintings and graphics:


1”.To hear silence ”,Šiauliai P.Višinskis Library,1991.

2.”Way ”, Šiauliai P.Višinskis Library,1992.

3.”Butterfly ”,Šiauliai Art Gallery,1993.

4.”Follow the grasshopper“ Šiauliai Gallery “Laiptai”,1994.

5.”Flowerdreams ”, Šiauliai Gallery “Laiptai”1995m.

6.”Elements ” Pakruojis „ ŽIEMGALA“  Gallery, 1995.

7. Joint Exhibition of Lithuanian artists in Tartu  and Tallinn,Estonia 1995.

8.”Gates”, Šiauliai Philharmonic gallery “Vara” ,1995.

9. ”Songs”,  Šiauliai Art Gallery, 1996.

10.”Paintings” Šiauliai drama teathre,1996.

11. ”Boats” Šiauliai Gallery “Laiptai”1997.

12.13. ”Between Heaven and Earth””, Šiauliai Gallery“Laiptai”2000, Klaipeda Gallery.2001.

14. ”Paintings” Šiauliai Philharmonic gallery 2000.

15.”INTUICIA”, Šiauliai Gallery“Laiptai”,2003.

16.”Heavencorn”, Šiauliai Gallery “Laiptai”2004.

17.”O MERE SEHYATRI”, Art Center, New Dheli (India)2005.

18.”O MERE SEHYATRI” II p., Šiauliai Gallery“Laiptai”2005.

19. .”TRINITY”, Šiauliai P.Višinskis Library 2006.

20.21.”ADAPTATIO”,”Nayana” Theatre,Bangalore (Indija),2007 ,.Šiauliai gallery “Laiptai”.2007.

22.”Thirth ear”, Šiauliai Gallery“Laiptai”2008.

23.”MANDALALUNA” Šiauliai Gallery“Laiptai”2009.

24.”Lada Didi Lela” Šiauliai Gallery“ Laiptai”2010 .

25.”Atlas obscura” , Šiauliai Gallery“ Laiptai” 2011.

26.Exhibition in International Art Festival (Kerteminde) Denmark 2011.

27.Participation in Scandinavian art festival exhibition in Katrineholm in  Brøndum, Denmark,2011.


2012 January 13, "OpenArt 2012" project in Rome (Italy) at the prestigiouse “Sale del Bramante".

2012 March 19, opening of personal exhibion in Talsi Museum (Latvia).

2012June 22, opening of personal exhibition, gallery "Laiptai"(Lithuania).

2012 July 6,exhibition in Pakruojis Manor ,"Shaman Bee"(Lithuania).

2013 International Art Festival ANIMA MUNDI

2014 International Art Festival ANIMA MUNDI


Illustrator of books.



Till 2009 released 17 music albums:

6 CD’s of songs (“Sunway”, “Between heaven and earth” etc.)

2 video movies CD’s (“Caerdroia”, “Book of stars”)

9 CD’s meditation music (“Intuition”, “Laivas”, “Heavencorn”, ”Trinity”, “Sungarden”, “Asotis”, “Adaptatio”,”Third ear”, “Mandalaluna”).


Compose music for films and theatre.


Play various musical instruments – ethnic harp, kankles, piano, lumzdelis, synthesizers etc.


A lot of musical – visual projects .4 music CD’s with Lithuanian musicians were produced in joint musical projects.


Member of Ambient music association “Ambient Music Garden” (UK).