Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Elisabeth A.H.A. van Uden - Exhibitions





Art Expo. Utrecht. NL. 1995

University Amsterdam. NL. 1997

Art Salon. Mechelen. BE. 1998

Art Show. Dortmund. DE. 1998

Art Exhibition. Cologne. DE. 1999

Exhibition of Art. Leipsic. DE. 2000

Thomas Church. Eindhoven. NL. 2004

Great Library. Helmond. NL. 2005

Artimont. Helmond.NL. 2005





In 1995 on the Art Expo in Utrecht the Netherlands,

I became

my first Honours for my work Rhododendron, wax painting.

My works are silent whiteness of my passions and emotion.

Colours affect me my whole live. My inspiration is based on,

my experience of life and through mediation.

My wax paintings invite the spectator to watch and to feel.

My most loving painters are Monet and Mucha.

My awards ik did win for my work.