Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Mariana Buletic - Biography

My name is Mariana Buletic, born 1944 in Grac, Austria.

The last thirty years I’ve been working as a biomedical analyst at the central hospital in Västerås, Sweden.

 Art has been my major passion in life, an interest that i have been investing a lot of time, as an artist and as an observer. Art, for me is about discovering yourself by creating a visual identity through my work and share my discoveries with others.

 I mostly work with oil on canvas with different styles of techniques and motives, varying from portraits, landscapes, animals and somewhat heavier motives with abstract and symbolic content meant to inspire a feeling or recognition from the viewer.

 Over the years I’ve been studying history of art, figure drawing, oil and wattercolour, with Unna Katz, Tore Hultkrantz, Leif Ahnlund, Anders Hultman to mention a few.

 The last five years, I have been painting with an art group, Art 021 in Västerås. I have had joint art exhibits with them at many local galleries. I´ve also held my own exhibits. My previous exhibit was held at Gallery Sigvardson in Denmark.