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VIVEK JOSHI - Biography


It is to my satisfaction and encouragement that I enjoy the proud privilege of my being the descendant of Joshi family ofSHAHPURA (Distt. Bhilwara Rajasthan) to whom goes the SOLE credit of having initiated the art of phad painting as back as SIX hundred years. Thus the historical background of the art is traced to 600 years back which has exclusively been initiated by the said family settled at SHAHPURA and no where else in India. 

It would really be very beneficial both for the researchers and the lover of phad painting to know that we have at ourdisposal a large collection of the paintings by our ancestors as most valuable relies 300 years old. The interested persons may most conveniently contact us on our address.


I have received  full traning in the phad art under the guidance of my father Shri. Shanti Lal Joshi who enjoys the previlege of National Award Winner. This honour was bestowed upon him by Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma in 1991 Shri. Sharma happened to be the president of India  then. On my Part, I, too, had the previlegde to win applause of many art crities. Despite some heavy odds all the members of my family are creatively busy to keep a-live this valuable art who were highly appreciated and won the esteemed applause of many art crities. For their involment in the art