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Loek Meijer - Biography
Loek Meijer (Amsterdam 1950) Active painting since his early childhood.

From where his earliest drawing (1963) is a remnant.

From the mid-60s last century until 2009 Loek has led an active life outside the paint around. But there was always, in the little spare time, painted and drawn.

Because Loek no training course, where he mastered the painter could get, may his status as \"self-taught artist\" should be labeled.

On the evidence of an artist Loek was interest in still life. On his quests in thrift stores, sometimes he comes to the finest objects. A brick can have an interesting subject.
It is important to the textures of these items properly. Buyer must be copper, glass to glass. After frequent use of masonite canvas is the material that Loek used as a carrier, so more detail can be displayed. The issues arise spontaneously through stuff in a corner of the studio to draw. Often a separate type of fruit added which makes the composition around. Sometimes the same objects back into a new work.

The work of Loek looks like "fine painting" but sometimes there may be a paint key to see, because that makes the whole thing alive. Following in the past used to have large sizes, is now often worked on smaller sizes.
Loek `s work consists primarily of still lifes, but sometimes it also painted a landscape.

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