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Jos van de Ven - Biography

Jos van de Ven early on drawing and painting in the quiet Brabant where he was born. But through many moves and living conditions was a real career as a painter he denied. (At the Rietveld he was rejected as being too \"academic\" would be.) Throughout his life he continued to paint but \"between the acts\', from impressionism to surrealism (Dali was accidentally bump when he visited Cadaquez). Through the years he learned techniques and styles of other painters, including the Spaniard Miguel Arguello and Cornelis LeMaire who taught him the basis of still lifes.
Jos van de Ven

In 2000 Jos van de Ven decision in France (Brittany) to establish order to devote himself entirely to painting.
His paintings are a play of light and color. They exude calm. He paints still lifes in oil, preferably. The objects he finds in his immediate surroundings, especially at flea markets. He wants to show that simple and \"dead\" objects also live in them.
\"The richness of life lies in honesty, elegance and a bit of mystery. I would love it if my paintings would be an incentive to discover that human nature is noble and that they open a window for those who want to look beyond the apparent. \"He says.
Exhibitions in the Netherlands, France, England and USA.
Jos also provides internships in the countryside in Brittany