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Leon Engelen - Exhibitions

Artist Leon Engelen holds an exhibition in January 1930
oil paintings in "Castle Mariadal"to the Kouterweg 2
With his romantic-realist style, Leon Engelen unique in the contemporary
art world. He finds his inspiration in the rural life. "I'm drawn
the remains of the past that you still see in the landscape of today. Scenes which
ravages of time have passed. We are the last witnesses, so I want the world
around me to capture in my paintings. "
The artist uses only old techniques as old as the
painting itself. "I work directly on chalk cloth, which I prep. The coarse
linen is woven by me on a centuries old way worked. "This
he follows in the footsteps of the ancient painters. His painting style is consistent with his
predecessors in the year 1800.
About the work of this unique painter wants to introduce during the week-ends
from 15 to 16 January and 8-9 up in "Castle Mariadal" Kouterweg 2 in Zaventem. Each
Open from 14-18h. Tel.: 011 312843


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