Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Jaume Grau Xena - Welcome


The drawing and its various formats, have been constant in my life. At first I saw was that the father, abstracted, drawing figures always wonderful and I created the desire to enter in his magical world. Under his tutelage that never disappeared, after 15 years I painted my first picture "The Deer" on a sheet. Thus began my artistic growth and one of the most productive periods with many oil paintings and watercolors, discovering along the way, a new way of expression: the photography.

From there I spent periods without apparent contact with the brushes but always had to see or speak to draw it. I had the drawing’s worm into me. In any case, then painting and drawing were relegated to enter fully into the picture. Founder of the 2nd. Permanent gallery photo of Spain, the gallery Tau, I did several exhibitions of my work. Worked with black and white, gray, shapes, ... could suggest, pencil, charcoal or shades to the foreign eyes.

But something was missing, and gradually I came into contact with the drawing. This time without color ink diluted working with the lush curves of the boats on the beaches of Tossa, the fishing gear and landscapes. The ink was diluted to become increasingly finally stick. The coal is mostly stick with which to rediscover the passion that is mysterious to emerge from paper forms.

"Clear, dark gray, and the role that calls you and takes you to a wonderful experience that sometimes when you start, do not want endless."