Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Erlinde Ufkes Stephanus - Welcome

EUS is a synonym for Erlinde Ufkes Stephanus. I was born in 1962 in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Since 1986 I live in Oostwold, in the province Groningen. I consider my life to be very rich. I am energetic and can see the humour in life, which you often can see in my work. 
Personally I see my work as very lively and to the point. I paint nearly every day; it is as if I’m \'hooked\'. 
I myself consider my work to be drawings/paintings with a high degree of ADHD. 

The next quote depicts the way people see my work: 
\'She’s got a very special/personal style of painting. The use of colours is explosive. They are mostly simple themes; strong feelings hidden in a rough style. Her dynamic vision is crucial to her work. The longer you look at her paintings, the more beautiful they become. When you see them in real life, they are prettier than the pictures you see here.