Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Zita Vilutyte - Welcome

Every moment todays life is rendering us something new - more, brighter, quicker, louder however rare suggesting the DEEPER. For how fare we enter the sensory overload before almost everything starts meaning less?There is a single direction, leading us into originality and the true self-disclosure - this is the voice of the spirit,the core mystery of the artists own existence.

Very important  it is to search for creation impulses in nature, to perceive them and to see their reflections inside, to look for the sources and depth for each artist - Creator, turning back to the true cause of spiritual experience, turning the whole art back to its sources, when it was used as the means for expression of the life mysteries. Also to experience the greatest mystery in the world -to disclose WHO WE ARE.

I go this way...

My name is Zita Vilutyte and i live in Lithuania.

My best wishes to you from the land of Balts!