Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Joaquin Schmidt - Welcome

Joachim Schmidt, Madrid 1979.

He begins his wanderings in painting, by himself, in Valencia, making graffiti and pictures to your friends, in 1993. Not until 1999 when he decided to paint on canvas.This is the year when he made his first painting exhibition comprises 20 works in the village of LLucmajor (Palma de Mallorca).

In 2000 he settled in the town of Cortes and Graena Granada.

Guadix which will make many exhibitions.

Participate in a charity auction.

Participate in quick painting competitions

Participate in a drawing contest.

It is a little more, in the school of arts and crafts of Guadix.

In March 2011, new exhibition at Guadix.

In August 2011, new courts and Graena exposure.

It started with digital art in 2009.