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A tertiary-level Degree in Scenography (Escuela de Teatro de Bahía Blanca- Buenos Aires- Argentina).

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an Argentinian painter, sculptor, engraver and scenographer.

About my artwork
I´m completely devoted to xylography, sculpting and digital art. I´ve already made three exhibitions using the last of the three means of expression. They´re unique in the sense that I use the mouse as if it were a pencil- I even sign with it- but I don´t employ any predetermined shapes. Once the drawing is complete I treat it with different graphic editors to apply different textures and effects to them.

I´m currently working on videos based on my latest digital production and also on CD cover artwork.One of my latest works- Una Nada y Color-was used as the artwork for Camille DeVore´s latest jazz CD (Dream in Color), which was released in NY City on June 8th, 2008.

Thanks to Dirk Schreurs ( Belgium)- who´s generously offered me the use of his 2006 album ¨Minds of Glass¨ to set music to some of my latest videos- I´ve been able to finish eleven brand-new works. This collaboration, which was born as two separate entities, came to fruition when Dirk saw in my digital art a reflection of his own compositions.It was a pleasant surprise for me to discover on listening to his music that his tunes pulse with the rhythm of my own creations.

Artists I like
William Turner, Petorutti, Dalí, Leonardo Da Vinci, Georges Seurat

art, music, cinema, literature, cooking
Favorite Blues Artists and Bands
Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Harry Connick Jr, Leandro ¨Gato¨Barbieri,Dirk Schreurs, the Marsalis family; Dirk Schreurs, Imani Zubeth and Didier Euzet.
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