Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Marinela Rusu - Welcome

”Looking at theese paintings, I see a sidereal ballet, a movement on the surface, a verbiage in which occur the signs of time but also the signs of being. The search of self is the result of personal experience in the permanent dialogue with the universe. We can read many of Marinela Rusu’s paintings as a metaphor, ideal expression of a vast sky, which can be one of Ellada or of a Romanian space, where the flight is the metaphor of absolute freedom.

Marinela Rusu’s exhibition brings usa plus of knowledge and freedom, and a plus of creative imagination. It is somehow, an atypical, original exhibition. This modification of the aesthetic paradigm – a successful experiment – makes her to stand out from the mundane, to cross in a transcendental dimension, where things are just ideal or possible.

The forms in her paintings seem sculpted in the fine material of colors (support on which are emerging some imaginary “pyramids”) and at the same time, shows us a drawing knowledge that is the basis of any quality paintings.

We find here a mental construct, a creator who reveals also her femininity (not an erotic one) but the sensitivity and feminine way to carry on the creative world. Marinela Rusu’s artistic creation is clearly an original, mental construction – and I greet her mind and her ability to innovate, to leave the usual patterns.

It’s a really brilliant exhibition by the proposed values ​​and generosity.”

Art critic Valentin Ciucă about the artist’s Marinela Rusu exhibition

(29 October 2012).