Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands

I would like to make you discover my universe, or rather my photographic universes. I make photos by passion for more than 30 years, and today I have decided to make the great leap and to let you enjoy them.


My first universe is the one of the classical photography: a place, an event, a situation. From there, I immerse myself in this photo and either let it as is it, or work on it to create an atmosphere which opens the door of my second universe. For my third universe, which is my favourite, I use the photo as a base to design, as a painter, a more graphic vision. Like the Venitian painter Canaletto, I divert the photo to create a “Caprice”. I even very boldly mix the two techniques for some photographs.


By working on my photos, I discovered a world that doesn\'t exist, a world in which I would like to live and walk, an unusual and fascinating world. It\'s a world in which the tangible and the graphic interpretation meet to become only one element; in which the reality and the imagination so smoothly interlock that we lose our own spatial and temporal marks.


For me, the basic photo is like the clay for the patternmaker: I have to feel it, to get in osmosis with it. From then, it\'s the photo which brings me in its universe, where the shapes, the colours, the dimensions and the factual perspectives entwine with their dreamlike inclinations, explode and invite us in a wonderful trip in this extraordinary world.


I thus offer you to look out and to explore my universes.