Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Arkadi Aleko Lomadze - Welcome

I was born in one of the beautiful region of Georgia, Guria, in particular, Ozurgeti city. I have never thought about becoming a painter…  Actually my youth started with war of Abkhazia.  Everyone was going to war by then. There was total chaos in the country, hundreds of people were dying from starvation or shooting.

 In the background of it, one day, I started carving of Savior from the stone.  I do not know how good it was but nobody believed that it was my first work, because as famous people appraised later, it was high level work of art. Then I started to paint...


My work can be divided into two parts: Traditional Iconography and free work in terms of motherland and humans.  Especially I love to paint deserted houses and walls which are symbols and metaphors of our lives. The stone pigment material which I use to paint gives special looks to my paintings.