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Dear visitor let me first introduce myself  to you my name is Jelke van Beekveld also known as dutchartistjelke.Welcome on this page, I hope you will enjoy my work also my new works I give the name  spacingart  an art style which I have created from out many variety art styles what can be found.In art, quality is an almost indefinable concept, you find something beautiful or not. When can you call something an work of art? Guidelines for objective assessment of art are hard to imagine, you have to rely on the opinion of experts who in turn criteria as \"beauty\" and an opinion about colors, materials, etc. Artists Organizations do try to indicate what the \'professionalism \'by an artist. They then use criteria such as professional training followed the recognition by the field and active participation in the trade, as reflected in the participation in numerous exhibitions, the sale of works and so on. But this says about the works themselves obviously not much. In short, the quality of art and its price is determined by \"personal taste sensation \'and love for that theme from the assessor and that be You.

More work and information you will find on my personal website artist strange work you will find below my e-mail on this site .

 Welcome on my Website Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery the Netherlands .. a very world popular gallery an social  meeting place for entertaining friends both international and national variety of artists and art buyers.