Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Denton Lund - Welcome

I had always believed that if my paints become PART of the canvas instead of merely SITTING on the surface, I could attain an added dimension to my paintings. In my desire to create a stronger, more flexible painting surface, I\'ve developed a layering technique using various materials and special bonding agents. The result is a much STRONGER canvas that offers me the opportunity of working from WITHIN the surface as well as on top of it.

I begin with a silk-like material that I attach to stretcher bars. I sketch out the image in burnt sienna oils and while the paints are still wet, I adhere a second layer of material. I use my oils thinned to a consistency as to saturate the layers and I will (again using oils)either develop it further or hold back unwanted areas. The process is repeated again and again, depending on the size of the painting. Large paintings are sometimes layered 4 or 5 times.

he adherents I use in my layering process have been developed throughout the past twelve years and I now have constructed a surface that (because it is saturated with color) gives my paintings greater depth and (depending on the final surface material used in the layering process) a smooth or textured surface.

Finally, the paintings are lightly varnished and waxed as the old masters did long ago. The layered canvas paintings are extremely strong and durable and can be cleaned with a soft cloth.