Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery The Netherlands
Pulmans Magdalena  - Welcome


Dear visitor welome on my page .

Mostly, I 'll be guided by my emotions, by the impressions of the moment, the events of my daily live, sometimes at my close surroundings, and another time from the far distance, or even from another part of the world. By the many impressions I experience, I attempt to get it organised to put them intuitively and purely on canvas, with the possibilities at hand a lot of colors, appear before me, intuitive, spontaneous, from the subconscious. 

Magdalena's personal ENCAUSTIC ART readings. I am using the image,shapes and lines in the drawing to translate them in your personal life.

 The original encaustic paintings are made with beeswax and pigment using both classic encaustic methods and uniques techniques .

I have developed over the past decade creating encaustic art.

 Please visit also on this page my encaustic work thanks